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  • ENOC Group launches 'Graduate Development Programme' for UAE nationals
  • ENOC secures US$500 million credit facility from international and regional banks
  • ENOC reaches thousands through its Ramadan initiatives
  • Cylingas completes fuel facility upgrades at Al Maktoum International Airport
  • EMGAS announces new LPG hologram cylinder seal in the UAE


ENOC manages and operates 113 ENOC and EPPCO service stations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) , reaching an estimated 90 million customers each year. Providing fuel and non-fuel services to consumers, ENOC plans to increase its UAE footprint by 40 percent to add 54 service stations, from now and leading up to 2020.

The segment's first GCC service station opened in Saudi in 2013. ENOC currently has four service stations in Saudi Arabia, with plans to build 10 more by 2017.

Operating under ENOC's Retail business unit, EPPCO Distribution delivers fuel to the ENOC and EPPCO retail network, relying on a fleet of more than 50 tanker trucks.

ENOC delivers quality fuels such as Special ULG 85 and Super ULG 98 in the motor gasoline category, and Diesel Gas Oil 10PPM. Company fleet vehicles supply white oils such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and Jet A1, while contracted vehicles take care of black product deliveries such as of Fuel Oil 180 cst and Asphalt 60/70.

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ENOC's highest selling product is Special ULG 95, with retail sales of approximately 1.4 million gallons per day. To meet this increasing demand, fuel deliveries are carried out 24/7, and each site receives two to four deliveries of 10,000 gallons to avoid the risk of interrupting supplies.

Demand for Super ULG 98 is concentrated in areas such as the Green Community and Jumeirah. Daily volumes delivered amount to around 150,000 IG.

ENOC supplies low Sulpher Diesel gas oil with Sulphur content being less than 10 parts per million. Associated benefits include reduced Sulphur dioxide emissions, reduced particulate emissions, with oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons emissions being even lower after treatment is employed, and lower maintenance costs through reduced engine wear. Storage stability is also exceptional, and the use of advance exhaust gas treatment devices becomes possible. Daily volume delivery of diesel is around 700,000 to 800,000 IG.

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To meet the increasing demand for fuel, ENOC ensures that fuel deliveries are carried out around the clock to ENOC and EPPCO service stations. Each site receives two to four deliveries of 10,000 gallons of fuel every day


150,000 IG

1,400,000 IG

700,000 IG
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