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  • ENOC Group launches 'Graduate Development Programme' for UAE nationals
  • ENOC secures US$500 million credit facility from international and regional banks
  • ENOC reaches thousands through its Ramadan initiatives
  • Cylingas completes fuel facility upgrades at Al Maktoum International Airport
  • EMGAS announces new LPG hologram cylinder seal in the UAE


Emirates Gas LLC (EMGAS) - is the leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) products in the UAE since 1974.

EMGAS is recognized as an authority in the LPG industry and a benchmark by which others can be measured on environment, health, safety and operating standards. EMGAS is proud to be the preferred choice for its safe & reliable products and services.

EMGAS has the largest distribution network in the UAE with 4 filling plants across Dubai and the Northern Emirates. It has the biggest fleet of LPG tankers to safely and efficiently cater to Bulk LPG Central Gas systems across the UAE. Its well-trained qualified and experienced Human Resource forms the backbone of its safe and reliable operations.

Alongside conventional LPG - in both cylinders and in bulk - EMGAS is a leading supplier of pioneering new products that have a considerably reduced impact on the environment.


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a clean, green, environmentally friendly alternative fuel available to the transportation sector. EMGAS is today the nodal agency for retrofitting of CNG in automobiles in the Emirate of Dubai. EMGAS operates a virtual CNG Pipe Line system to cater to the needs of fleet owners who wish to convert their vehicles to CNG.

R 290

An excellent replacement for certain refrigerants containing CFCs is R 290, high purity propane with no ozone depleting potential and insignificant global warming potential.


This is a green alternate to widely used Acetylene in the cutting and fabrication industry. It provides a better quality in metal cutting & is safer to handle.


Where higher vapour pressures and uniform fuel characteristics are required in industries like, Glass factories, Ceramic industries, Food, Laundry and Paper industries, EMGAS offers Commercial Propane.


EMGAS has also developed a product & service offering for the use of Propane/ Butane as a coolant for the Refrigerated Cargo Tanks in LPG Ships called 'CoolGas'.


Pro-Power Forklift cylinders offer propane in custom-engineered cylinders to be used as automotive fuel in forklifts.


Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP) is an effective alternative to ozone-depleting CFC found in aerosol applications such as air fresheners, perfumes, paints etc.

Besides this comprehensive suite of quality products - supplied to customers both local & international markets - EMGAS also offers a range of services:

  • Technical consultancy and assistance in areas of storage, gas characteristics and usage optimizations, from project inception
  • Remote monitoring of product in customer tanks and pro-active topping-up of stock levels
  • A fully integrated supply and maintenance service, where the customer simply pays for the gas and benefits from free maintenance and a host of other features
  • Lease and sale of storage tanks, including periodic testing and maintenance
  • E-services and online order placement service through our web portal
  • Short-notice emergency supply
  • LPG safety training
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) & Safety audits prior to bulk delivery in order to ensure the highest safety standards of LPG receipt and storage systems
  • Testing and inspection of ISO containers
  • Decanting and de-gassing services for customer LPG tanks
  • Build, Own, Maintain projects for large Central Gas System Customers
  • Comprehensive cylinder maintenance to ensure public safety

EMGAS is rightfully proud to be certified by industry experts and the recipient of several prestigious awards. The organisation is an ISO Certified Company for 9001 (QMS), 14001 (EMS), 18001 (OHSAS), 10002 (Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling), 26000 (Social Responsibility) , 22301 (Business Continuity Management) and ISO 31000 (Risk Management principles & guidelines), as well as being the recipient of the 2012 Dubai Quality Award and CSR label for six consecutive years since 2011. It has also been awarded Environmental Performance Certification (EPC) by the Ministry of Environment and Water, Federal Government of the UAE for its various plants. EMGAS has received the prestigious "Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport" in three editions of the award in the Transport Safety & Environment Protection Category. Furthermore, EMGAS has been voted a Super brand for three consecutive years since 2014

EMGAS is committed to contributing to the development of clean energy in both local and international markets, while maintaining its promise to deliver value to all its stakeholders.

Looking to the future, EMGAS has consolidated its international outreach by leveraging the benefits of its strategic position next to Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. The central location acts as a gateway to customers in Africa and Asia, with operations being further enhanced by the marketing of LPG from EMGAS' bulk import terminal at Djibouti to the Horn of Africa. EMGAS has also recently inaugurated bottling facilities in Somalia, and has extensive expansion plans in both Africa and Asia.

Beyond the supply and marketing of gas, EMGAS has broadened its operations with the addition of Beyond Gas; a line of gas-related accessories, services and consultancy which adds both value and convenience to the current consumer offering. EMGAS also distributes & markets world class accessories required in the LPG industry to offer customers a comprehensive solution.


EMGAS' Customer Loyalty Reward Program, launched in 2012 enhances customer relationships & develops closer partnerships.

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