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  • ENOC Group launches 'Graduate Development Programme' for UAE nationals
  • ENOC secures US$500 million credit facility from international and regional banks
  • ENOC reaches thousands through its Ramadan initiatives
  • Cylingas completes fuel facility upgrades at Al Maktoum International Airport
  • EMGAS announces new LPG hologram cylinder seal in the UAE

About AutoPro, ProWash & SuperLube

Under the brands AutoPro, ProWash and SuperLube, we provide an array of services to complement our Fuel offering. Operating across an extensive network of convenient locations, we offer a host of professional, value-for-money, quick service repairs as well as a variety of carwash and detailing services.

To keep abreast of the ever advancing technologies in the automotive industry, our service centers are furnished with the most sophisticated and modern equipment to date, operated by a handpicked team of experts, technicians and managers.

We employ over 1500 frontline staff, serving approximately two million customers annually.

Our commitment to providing and enhancing superior quality automotive services, have enabled us to garner a dominant reputation in the local market, with an aggressive expansion plan in the pipeline.

As car care professionals , we are committed to maintaining an in-depth understanding of customer needs. We operate on four foundations of quality.


Your car is important to you, and we understand. It's important to us too.

Our services

We know service quality matters, so we make sure everyone carrying out work on your car is qualified, experienced and dedicated.

Your convenience

Time is precious. Therefore, we choose our locations carefully to ensure they are as convenient as possible for you. Selected locations are operated on ae a 24/7 basis to cater for those of you that required the late night or emergency repairs.

Our authenticity

You want only the quality services and parts for your car, so we only provide the best. We guarantee authenticity on each and every part we use and always stand by our warranties.

AUTOPRO Academy:

Commitment to quality enhancement led to the development of our own AutoPro Training Academy in 2014. The Academy is certified by The City and Guilds of London Institute: a best in class vocational education organisation, based in the United Kingdom.

Complete with state-of-the-art training facilities, lecture halls, practical workshops and more, the AutoPro Academy combines theoretical study and practical, hands-on training to ensure all our team members are up to speed on the very latest techniques and technologies, enabling them to pass on their expertise to our valued customers.

The AutoPro Academy has built up a reputation of excellence, to the extent that it also delivers training sessions to reputed Dubai government entities such as Dubai Police and the RTA.

The range of services offered by AutoPro and ProWash are:


Your car requires regular change of oil, at particular mileage intervals, to enhance its performance, cleanse the engine and maintain its life-cycle. Many components of your vehicle that also need adequate lubrication to function optimally. Let our technicians give it the once-over to make sure everything is in order.


From Energizer to AC Delco, we deal with the best. With a minimum one-year warranty on every one of our wide choice of batteries, we offer customers reassurance that they're fully charged and ready to go.


Despite the excellent road infrastructure in the UAE, you will always find yourself driving over a a surface that's less than perfect, often affecting the suspension and alignment of your vehicle. Let our technicians make sure that experience is as smooth as possible, and your suspension is stable and strong.

Using the latest in wheel alignment diagnostic technology, our technicians can ensure your wheel alignment is as precise as the day your car rolled off the delivery line.


The Automotive Services Fleet management system offers business owners, or their managers, an effective cost saving and management tool. We provide detailed reporting and cost-control parameters for preventive maintenance as well as car was services.

For more information on how to avail of beneficial rates for preventive maintenance, oil change, car wash and other services for your fleet of vehicles: please email: or call 04-3133545 for enquiries.

Emissions testing

Get ahead of the game with our high-tech emissions testing to ensure your car passes regulatory tests.


You need to be able to rely on your brakes each and every time you use your car. Our brake experts will make sure they're in tip-top condition and guide you on how to keep them that way in between services.


Tyres will always experience wear and tear, however,the UAE's climate can be particularly harsh on rubber. We collaborate with the best in the business to bring you the very best in terms of safety, quality and after sales – thus we are proud to call Pirelli and Dunlop our Partners in the Tyres category. We also offer a vast range of others brands so customers can expect guidance on which brand, size and type of tyre will best suit their car, andreceive advice on tyre care to get the best from their tyres for longevity and reliability. There are numerous ongoing promotions on tyres throughout the year to ensure our customers receive the best value for money.

Purchase a set of Tyres from AutoPro and avail:

  • Free Wheel Alignment
  • Free Tyre Rotation (for the 1st 10,000 Kms)
  • Free Wheel Balancing
  • Free Tyre Mounting
  • Free Nitrogen fill on all four tyres


A number of critical processes are involved when it comes to professional detailing services. From preparation, to cleaning, to concluding the service - only trained professionals are skilled and experienced enough to offer these services, at a very high level.

At AutoPro, our detailing services consist of the services mentioned below. Just call 04-3133685 for enquiries, or head down to any of our service centers, where our staff will be happy to guide.


  • Wheel Repair/Paint
  • Diamond Cut
  • Split Rim
  • Wheel Bend
  • Crack Repair
  • Wheel Color Change
  • Brake Caliper Paint


  • Body Works
  • Paintless Dent Removal


  • Paint Protection
  • Full Detailing
  • Car Wrapping
  • Window Tinting


Our Carwash brand - ProWash - offers a combination of high-tech automatic washes and specialised manual wash bays. Our Services include: washing of vehicle body, engine and under chassis through a variety of options such as manual washing, for those who prefer a human touch, auto wash with brush, and “touch less” auto wash (utilizing water pressure).

Our ProWash sites are eco-friendly with the majority of locations utilising water recycling systems. We operate in 38 locations throughout Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Xtreme Wash

Xtreme Wash is the pinnacle of the washing services on offer. This comprehensive, high pressure service comes with numerous benefits for your vehicle, of which some are mentioned below:

EARLY DETECTION of Potential Issues

Having a clean, well-maintained engine means you're more likely to detect any leaks sooner rather than later. With most engine fires attributed to unidentified leaks, this can then mean you'll find out about potential problems before they get the chance to cause more serious issues.


A sparkling vehicle sends a clear message to potential buyers when it's time to sell on: 'This car has been well looked after'. The Xtreme Wash will make sure both the interior and exterior of your vehicle is clean and polished.


The Xtreme Wash can extend the overall life of the car engine, as a clean and well-maintained engine is less likely to be susceptible to rust and clogging, both of which can reduce performance and life-span.

Super Lube

Super Lube is anchored on the credibility and integrity of ENOC's customer service standards and the world-class quality of ENOC Lubricants. They operate at 23 locations throughout Dubai and the Northern Emirates, offering convenient service, a range of ENOC Lubricants for motor vehicles, and efficient professional service that is value for money.

AutoPro in the community

Ongoing Partnership with Dubai Police for Safety Campaigns:

As a 100% Dubai government venture, our commitment to provide excellent and valuable services to the community at large is a major priority.

As a result, in May 2016, ENOC Group CEO was rewarded by Dubai Police for the ongoing collaboration and partnership between AutoPro and Dubai Police pertaining to road safety and preventive maintenance campaigns.

Over the past year, AutoPro has exclusively partnered with Dubai Police for the following major safety campaigns:

  • Gulf Traffic Week
  • Summer without Accidents
  • Speed Kills

AutoPro continues to partner and sponsor major automotive events in Dubai such as the Dubai MotorShow and Dubai Grand Parade, showcasing our expertise and leadership within our sector of the automotive industry.

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