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News Releases:

  • ENOC Group launches 'Graduate Development Programme' for UAE nationals
  • ENOC secures US$500 million credit facility from international and regional banks
  • ENOC reaches thousands through its Ramadan initiatives
  • Cylingas completes fuel facility upgrades at Al Maktoum International Airport
  • EMGAS announces new LPG hologram cylinder seal in the UAE


Paavo's Pizza is a casual, quick-service restaurant franchised from US-based Orion Food Systems.

The first pizzeria to introduce the concept of 'Pizza in Five Minutes' in the UAE and wider Middle East region, Paavo's works on the popular 'build your own' concept with both signature pizzas and full customisation options. Originating in a little town in South Dakota, United States, Paavo's Pizza - inspired by the legacy of Paavo himself - uses fresh, quality ingredients sourced from local farms, cheese specially chosen from around the world and dough crafted to an ancient recipe using authentic techniques. Pizzas are fired in a traditional pizza oven directly in front of customers for a true pizza experience and, as promised, it will be fresh out of the oven to your table in 5 minutes.

As well as being a premium pizza experience for consumers, Paavo's Pizza is the ideal franchise opportunity for the business-minded. Its upscale setting and high-traffic patterns suit all day dining, and future growth plans include more than 60 new branches across the GCC in the coming five years.

our branches:

  • PAAVO's Pizza
  • PAAVO's Pizza
    Al Qusais
    04- 2380170
  • PAAVO's Pizza
  • PAAVO's Pizza
    Jumeirah Road
  • PAAVO's Pizza
    Al Warqaa
  • PAAVO's Pizza
    Nadd Al Hammar
  • PAAVO's Pizza
    Palm Jumeirah
  • PAAVO's Pizza

Paavo's is active on social media and can be contacted through several channels;

October 25, 2016

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has recently extended

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October 16, 2016

RTA Partners With Network International To Enable Retail Payments Through NOL Cards

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) today announced its partnership with Network International...

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October 20, 2016

ENOC And Du Partner On Significant Advanced Managed Connectivity Solution In The Region

In a significant regional advanced managed connectivity deal, du signed a partnership agreement with...

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